RECONS: Advanced Joint Replacement Centre, Indore – Dr. A. K. Jinsiwale

Dr. Jinsiwale is a skilled orthopaedic surgeon, who has a proven record of successful operations. He is the senior consultant at Dr. Jinsiwale’s RECONS: Advanced Joint Replacement Centre, and is also the director of Apple Hospital Indore and RECONS Center of Excellence in Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement.

Having various degrees in medical science, M.B.B.S., M.S., F.S.O.S. to name a few, Dr. Jinsiwale has 30 years of experience, with more than 60,000 successful orthopaedic surgeries. The doctor has undergone training in various countries and has contributed to numerous well-known medical journals. His reputation has been growing with time, as more people are restored to their normal life under his guidance.

Our Mission

The goal of our initiative is to make the best joint replacement surgeries available to all. Health is a matter of serious concern, and people deserve nothing but the best. With the help of Dr. Jinsiwale’s experience and knowledge, our aim is to provide premium healthcare and service to the population.

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Why Us?

Under the guidance of Dr. A. K. Jinsiwale, we are committed to providing premium healthcare to the patients. The dedicated team for the patients are geared towards ensuring a speedy recovery. Thanks to the latest technological tools at our disposal, we make a robust analysis of the condition and make a wise decision regarding the path to be chosen.

We also provide emergency help, because it is our faith that no one should be withdrawn the help which they need. We aim to spread not just good health, but also the required education about it. The model and values of our healthcare system are second to none.

Our Vision

By combining innovation with expertise, we at Dr. Jinsiwale Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Center are geared towards creating a legacy, which will empower the future. Compassion and hard work are our central attributes, which will help us realise our dreams.

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About RECONS: Advanced Joint Replacement Centre Clinic

We Are Highly Compatible, Trained and skilled with Advanced Techniques.We Do not Compromise with Surgical Skill and Quality of Implants. We give you a better Result & Value for Money for Navigation Technique. Combination of Experience & Advanced Techniques Together. Only Quality & Result oriented approach.Use of High Quality Implants (Cobalt Chrome, Oxanium).Personal Attention & Care with a Dedicated Team. Patient guidance through every step of procedure.


  • Strong Multispecialty Care Network.
  • Protocol-based Ethical practice.
  • Facilities of Patient Counselling. (Even at Home & Work Place)
  • Patient’s & Family’s Education and Guidance.
  • Officials & BPL Patient’s Treatment
  • Recognition of Associated Hospitals for un-affordable Patients.

Case Study

What Our Clients Say

डॉ. ए. के. जिंसिवाले इंदौर के सबसे अच्छे ओर्थपेडीक सर्जन हैं. उनकी टीम और वो बेस्ट है. उनका नेचर उनके पेशेंट्स के लिए बेस्ट है. He is very kind and groundy person. My hand was broken, he operated it, it is two days after the operation, now feeling well. Thanks to Dr. Jinsiwale and his team.

Akriti Sadaphale

From the time I walked into the doctor’s office I was greeted with the beautiful smiles of her staff members. They were all very polite and very helpful. Dr. A.K jinsiwale took time to listen to my health needs as well as took the time to answer the questions I had. This is the best experience I have had in a doctor’s office. I felt like a person and not like someone sick. They didn’t treat me like a disease, but treated me like any normal person.

Yash Panchal

Awards and Certifications